Top 10 Best Valentine’s day Ideas to Surprise your Love

Best Valentines day Ideas

Valentine’s day is a day of love for some, a day of chocolate for others, but for many other people, it is a day of bitter desperation and longing. So make your valentine’s day romantic and memorable for your loved… Continue Reading


Top 10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day 14 February

Things to do on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. This is the season of love, romance and happiness. Couples are rejoicing at the thought of spending their Valentine’s day with their loved one, and are rushing towards… Continue Reading


Top 10 World’s Most Popular Sports List

world's most popular sports

Sports activity is probably one of the most rejuvenating ones, both for the players as well as the viewers. The world cannot get enough of sports and celebrities who are sports players are idolized all across the globe. The history… Continue Reading


Top 10 Best Playback Singers of Bollywood in 2016


The importance of singers is dear to the Indian cinemas. They form the backbone of the movie these days. A movie is basically judged with the songs represented in appealing way. Bollywood has many finest singers of every age. Some… Continue Reading


Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World With Price


Money can’t buy happiness but it surely makes it comfortable to cry in these dream cars. Cars don’t count on for only transportation these days. They are an iconic symbol and swagger status for rich and youngsters. Guys are fond… Continue Reading


Top 10 Hottest Pakistani Actresses 2016 {*NEW*}

Hottest Pakistani Actresses

Pakistan film industry is famous for beautiful faces and impressive acting skills. Actresses here have got impeccable and flawless beauty. These Hottest Pakistani Actresses have proved their mettle with acting skills and talent. Asian beauty has no words for appraisal… Continue Reading


[*UPDATED*] Top 10 Highest Paid Models in the World

highest paid models

Modelling industry is quite a challenging one, with new faces being replaced with the blink of an eye; it is certainly tough for the models to remain in the cover for long. But being one of the World’s Highest Paid… Continue Reading


[2016] Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone in the World

Best Selling Smartphone

Smartphone today have become a need and necessity more than a luxury. Smartphone are useful to us in many ways. Be it the simplified GPS navigation system or Driving maps, it helps us in finding directions even in a new… Continue Reading


{*2016*} Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in the World


Beautiful actresses have always held large audiences in thrall. Crowds have been awed by their beauty and talent, making beautiful actresses the game changer of many a key film. Hence, it would be worthwhile to look at the list of… Continue Reading